Year 10 Exams

Year 10 Examinations

With the upcoming Year 10 mocks starting on 19th June, we have put together some information for you and your child to help get them prepared. This includes overviews of subject area exam topics, revision tips and resources as well as lists of essential equipment required for different exams.

Whilst these are not external examinations, our aim is to give pupils the opportunity to experience an examination environment and as such we expect all pupils to adhere to the formal examination conduct which will be explained to them at the start of every exam. It is an important opportunity for pupils to demonstrate their progress so far on their GCSE courses, and so they should take them seriously both in their preparation before and conduct during the examinations.

Pupils have already been issued with their exam timetables and an assembly was held this week to give them tips on how to cope with demands of exams, where to get support in school and guidance on how best to prepare themselves for success.

One of the most useful resources we would like to share with you comes from The Learning Scientists, who tell us of the six evidenced informed approaches to studying, that help students revise. They are:

• Elaboration- explaining ideas in detail

• Retrieval practice- practise ‘remembering’ what you’ve been taught

• Spaced practice- spacing out your studying over time

• Dual coding- combining pictures and words to help you remember things

• Interleaving- switching between the topics that you study, rather than doing big chunks of the same topic for long periods       of time

• Concrete examples – using specific examples to understand abstract ideas.

You can find useful, easy to follow and downloadable information for each of the strategies for effective learning


Exam Top Tips


Summer 2018 Year 10 Mock Exam Timetable

Template for Revision

Reminders and Equipment 


Exam Overviews:


Computer Science


English – letter




Maths Foundation

Maths Higher






Useful Information and Resources:

Art Overview                                             Art – Transformations

Computer Science                                    DT – Food

DT – Paper and Board                             DT – Timber based Materials

Geography                                                 History

MFL                                                          RE  RAG



Revision Ideas (not all will be relevant for Year 10 exams, but the strategies are transferrable to your topics):

Below, for each subject, there are a list of possible revision activities linked to topics.  The lists are not exhaustive, but demonstrate to pupils how they can revise actively, and practise the more successful method of transforming subject content, rather than just transferring. The activities can be transferred to other topics within the subject, or to other subjects, if appropriate.  Whatever pupils decide, they must not just read their notes.

Biology                                                English                                                     MFL

Business Studies                               Geography                                               Music

Chemistry                                           History                                                     PE

Computer Science                            Health & Social Care                             Physics

Drama                                                 Maths                                                       RPE