Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

We both would like to express an incredibly warm welcome to you, prospective students, parents or carers, on behalf of the entire community here at The Chantry School.

We truly believe that here, the word ‘community’ accurately epitomises all that we experience at The Chantry School. Throughout our school, it is evident that our staff and students alike all work cohesively to achieve ‘Excellence in all, Excellence for all’. Our vast support network also underpins our school community, which includes peer mentor schemes, senior pupil leaders and our skilled pastoral support team, all in place to contribute to the smooth running of our school.

Without a doubt, the curriculum is of paramount importance to us to be as enriched, fulfilling and educating as possible. All students here benefit greatly from the excellent teaching methods, not only reflected in our above-average grades, but the positive acknowledgement we receive.  Aside from this, the school goes to great lengths to ensure students are able to achieve their full potential by providing a myriad of extracurricular clubs and trips. This includes a large variety of sports clubs, rock school, geoscience club, residentials, ski trips and places of historical or geographical interest. We can assure you that all needs are catered for and everyone is able to discover or continue pursuing their interests and passions.

Furthermore, we have also been offered opportunities to take part in exchange programs to China, France and Germany, as well as Duke of Edinburgh Award, World Challenge, Community leaders and a week’s work experience in Y10. We feel that we are accumulating real-life, character-building experiences that form important foundations for later life in order to set us apart from others, be it a job interview or university application. The Chantry School encourages all our pupils to thrive and to develop personalities that allow us to become young adults, prepared to take hold of our futures


Harvey and Kelsey