School Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

We aim to be a thriving learning community where ambition, resilience and excellence are encouraged and celebrated, and all learners experience education that has a life-long benefit to them.



Mission Statement

We aim to provide:

  • A culture of learning that is calm, orderly and aspirational where learners are happy, healthy, challenged, ambitious and successful.
  • An inspirational environment, that allows high quality education to take place.
  • A wide range of curricular and extra-curricular experiences, that enables memorable and high impact learning to take place.
  • A supportive environment where learners are encouraged to aim high, embrace challenge, learn from their mistakes and keep trying to achieve their highest possible potential, thus ensuring a platform for success beyond The Chantry School.
  • Education that ensures a high regard for, and a compassionate understanding of, other people’s views, cultures, backgrounds and faiths.
  • The development of personal responsibility, and a sense of moral purpose, which promotes pupils to be honest, trustworthy, enquiring, self-regulating individuals who are proud to be members of, and positively contribute to, our caring community.
  • Education that promotes a high regard for the fundamental British values of tolerance, mutual respect, democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and an understanding of how individuals can take their place as a valued and contributing member of society.