Pastoral Support At The Chantry School

Pastoral Support at the Chantry school gives help and support to pupils on a wide range of issues as well as providing information, advice and guidance. The Pastoral Team always work in close partnership with other teachers, parents/carers and other specialist agencies.

What are the aims of the Pastoral Support Team?

The aim is to identify any concerns or issues at the earliest possible opportunity and remove any barriers to learning which may be preventing our pupils from reaching their potential. We pride ourselves in knowing our pupils extremely well and work alongside the form tutors, teaching and support staff to develop positive relationships with them and their families. We respond as quickly as possible to any issues and ensure that difficulties are discussed and resolved in the best possible way.

The Pastoral Support Team at the Chantry School commonly offers help and support in the following areas, although this list is not exhaustive:

• Behaviour support/management (including in-lesson support)
• Emotional resilience (including anger management )
• Academic support (including intervention work and individualised programmes)
• Restorative Approaches
• Counselling
• Peer Mentoring
• Buddy system
• Learning Conversations
• Attendance support
• E safety advice
• Relationship advice
• Alternative provision
• Links to specialist external agencies when needed
• Careers advice

Who are the Pastoral Support Team?

The Pastoral Team is led by an Assistant Head teacher who oversees all staff working in this context. There are five Heads of Year who are supported by a Behaviour Support Manager and two Learning Mentors, one of whom has a focus on behaviour issues and the other a focus on emotional issues. The form tutors and Heads of Year know their pupils well and continuously monitor their progress in all aspects of school life.
Other links to the Pastoral Team at the Chantry School include the SENCO, Attendance Officer, and school nurse and careers advisor.

Key contacts

Assistant Head teacher

Mr M Lake – Email: Tel: 01886 889302

Year Heads:

Year 7 Mrs C Edwards – Email:
Year 8 Mr J Hill – Email:
Year 9 Mrs K Miles – Email:
Year 10 Mr A Stone – Email:
Year 11 Mrs S Blunt – Email:

Year Heads Office – Tel: 01886 887100 ext. 314


Learning mentors

Mr D Lewis (behaviour) – Email: Tel: 01886 889302

Mrs L Richardson (emotional) – Email: Tel: 01886 889307