Friday 15 December 2017



TALENT SHOW 2017 all day rehearsal on Monday 18th DEC.  I will need the following students out of these lessons

P1-5 Lights/sound/stage/presenters needed all day

P2 soloists

P3 Duos

P4 groups of 3 or more

Lunchtime-students to change into performance clothing (crew to wear all black)

P5 everyone-full run through (including into form time)

Students involved can stay after school, bring food/snacks

Talent Show evening starts 7pm Monday 18th Dec. Tickets available from reception. Audience can vote during the evening show.

HAIRSPRAY Saturday rehearsal 12-2pm for all students who can come – band and cast. This will be in the music room. We need to see you before we break up! MM/JP (2)

The back of the cafe is to be used as a fire exit only – no other use is permitted.

Digital Leaders meeting in room 17 at lunch. JD

The Library will not be open after school next week.

If you have a plated meal at lunchtime you MUST eat it in the dining room.

Y8-11: Ski Hoodies – R3 this lunchtime to select your size – Mr Day.

Rewards assemblies today: Y9 lesson 3, Y10 lesson 4 and Y7 lesson 5. Tutor groups line up in alphabetical order in the courtyard.

All school> non-school uniform on Tuesday 19th – wear a Christmas jumper – £1 donation for charity Bliss

Any main cast from Hairspray: Mrs Masters will be rehearsing with the band 12-2pm tomorrow in the music block if you would like to go along to practice singing your musical numbers with the band, if you can make it you are welcome to attend!


Year 7

YEAR 7 BREDON: the boys and girls interpreting the 3 french hens and 8 maids a-milking need urgently to come to my room at breaktime today (on time at the start, please) to finish work started with Mrs Archer in form !


Year 8


Year 9

9Ank: Monday P1 in Art you will need an A5 image of your role model (1/2 the size of A4). Anyone who does not know what to do needs to come and see Miss Hawkins today in Rm 13. If you already have one, make sure you have it with you on Monday.

Year 9 Awards assembly today period 3- Please go to the Dinning Hall to a assemble and meet your tutor.


Year 10


Year 11

11A drama, P2 please go to room 23B