Monday 19th March – Week1



Y10+11 lunchtime Fitness suite.

KS3 Badminton lunchtime club.

Severn Start Netballers’ Q&A at lunchtime.

Worcestershire Girls Can! Years 9, 10 & 11 this is the week to try some new activities! P.E lessons have changed, please check the schedule to find out what you’re doing but all you need is your usual P.E kit.

TODAY Q&A with two professional Netballers at 1.30 in the Dance Studio. All welcome.

Year 8 are baking cakes for the “bake-off” this week, these will be for sale on the concourse at break time all week. Remember to bring some money to the school, they cost 50p – all proceeds go to Charity.

All pupils are reminded that they are not permitted along the back of the Sports Hall adjacent to the tennis court, nor in front of it by the cars during lunch and break time. These areas are out of bounds.

Please be sensible and careful on the school site today. Most of the ‘snow’ is actually ice, which will quickly turn to slush today. Do not throw it around. You will be sanctioned and if you persist then you will lose free time.


Year 7

7 Ank. Lesson 1 on Tuesday 20th March. Please line up in a dining hall for Registration. You will then be taken to the Main Hall for your Local Democracy workshop.


Year 8:  none


Year 9: none


Year 10:  none


Year 11

11/3 P3 – Don’t forget to come to Science room 25.