Thursday 19 July Week 1

Reminder for KS3 pupils to collect their 3D or large artwork. Year 9 need to collect their sketchbooks too or they will be recycled this afternoon. thank you.
Lost property : We have lots of water bottles and spectacles in the office. If you have lost any of these items please go to the office to see if they are there. Any water bottles not collected by tomorrow will be thrown away.
ALL Pupils who have had food lessons this year – PLEASE collect from room 23c any plastic containers you have left at school, they will be recycled tomorrow if not collected, thanks HC

Year 7:
Art Dept Notice : If you would like your ‘Monet Paintings’ come and collect them today from Miss Williams or Miss Hawkins.

Year 8:
Art Dept Notice : Collect your emulsion transfers if you want them today.

Year 9:
Anyone who has paid for an art pack please come and collect from Miss Williams in rm 12 at lunchtime.
Art GCSE option students. meeting in rm 12 at 1.15. will only be 5 minutes please be prompt. thank you.
Art Dept Notice : Last day to collect your art books is today.
Year 10:
Health & Social Care: I have booked the LSU for period 4 today. If you have permission from your teacher come to the LSU for any extra time required P4. If you have permission for P5 I shall be in the BSU. Thank you Miss Hawkins.
Anybody interested in being on the prom committee to meet Mrs Blunt on the mezzanine during form time – I will register you.