Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

Potential pupils, parents and carers – whether you are familiar with The Chantry School or not we would like to supply you with a succinct view of the life as a student at our school, and what you, as an individual can strive to achieve here.
The journey through secondary education is a fundamental stage in a child’s life, and is essential to being able to develop and grow into the person they are capable of being. The transition from primary school, to secondary school, and then into the ‘big wide world’ is certainly a daunting prospect, nevertheless a necessary one. The Chantry School provides a perfect platform for this transition and provides every one of it’s pupils with the opportunity to realize their potential. In spite of the Chantry’s proven academic success, it delivers more than just positive results, but also champions extracurricular achievements and offers a wide variety of tremendous opportunities, to facilitate individual progress in all areas of life. The challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award is presented to students in the upper school, in addition to the life-changing world challenge trip to any number of phenomenal destinations, the Chinese experience of year 9 is once again another exceptional adventure to a vastly different culture. There is no doubt in our minds that these rare experiences are ones that students cherish and allow them to flourish in unique and new environments as well as testing the student’s ability to adapt – all very desirable qualities in any character.
Possibly the most notable thing our pupils gain from The Chantry is their new-found friendships, that are solidified over the years, and can last a lifetime.
Trust us – joining a new school isn’t always easy, and everyone here knows that, therefore, both teachers and pupils alike will ensure they do everything they can to make the step up from primary school as smooth and beneficial as possible.
We hope that this has provided you with a clear idea of The Chantry School, and what you can achieve here – both academically, personally and socially, and consequently present you with the best opportunity to accomplish all of your uppermost aspirations, both at this school, and in later life.

Dan and Hermione