E-safety Advice for Parents/Carers

There are some excellent online resources to help you find out more about e-safety and support your child in navigating the digital age.

>Safer InternetPractical guidance for parents on how to use parental controls on different devices, broadband providers and operating systems

Think You Know The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre’s excellent website aimed at young people of different age groups as well as parents
Vodafone Digital Parenting A magazine for parents by Vodafone about various aspects of digital parenting. Full of really useful information and advice
Vodafone The main Vodafone e-safety website with helpful checklists for each age group
Safer Internet The UK Safer Internet Centre’s website with useful tips and guidance
 Parental Controls Practical guidance on parental controls on devices, broadband and operating systems

These websites help answer common questions such as:
What is my child doing online?
How do I talk to my child about what they are doing online?
What risks might my child face?
What can I and my child do if they experience a problem online?
What tools are there to keep my child safe?

Parental Control Software

There is software that parents/carers can use to monitor and safeguard the pupils at home.
For this we recommend software such as CyberSentinel.
There is also some free parental control software which be used. For example, Mobicip or Norton Family.